“Because I believe that animals should not be frightened, because I believe that fireworks pollute the atmosphere and because I believe that consumers have the power to make change for the good: - I pledge not to use fireworks and I give an undertaking not to support outlets that trade in fireworks.”



A campaign to stop the anti-social practice of fireworks traumatizing people and animals of the Hibiscus Coast, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

For too long, elderly people, children and animals have been terrorised by anti-social behaviour involving fireworks. However, fireworks remain a holiday fixture in most communities around the world despite the increased acceptance of alternatives such as laser light shows.

Fireworks can create joy and excitement, but for many of the population and for all animals, fireworks are no cause for celebration.  Restrictions must be put into place.


Voice for the Voiceless calls for a total ban on the import, sale and discharge of fireworks. Until this aim is achieved ...

Consideration must be given to alternatives to firework displays, such as laser light shows and fairy light  processions set to music.

Private fireworks displays must be banned completely and fines must be issued by the authorities should the Bylaws be transgressed.
Only organised firework displays, with local government permission, should be allowed

Fireworks should only be sold to licensed pyrotechnicians

The use of loud and percussive pyrotechnics must be banned completely

Displays must only use non-toxic, non-percussive fireworks

Displays should not be allowed where wildlife gathers or nests, especially threatened or endangered species

Displays should not be allowed in residential areas

Displays should not be allowed to place crops and indigenous vegetation at risk

Displays should be kept short

All area humane societies, animal care and animal rescue groups must be alerted at least three months in advance of firework displays

Sufficient public notice of firework displays must be provided to allow residents ample time to make arrangements and take precautions.
Firework safety material must be distributed in schools and released through all local media outlets prior to times of firework use